Epworth Children’s Village

The ‘Epworth Children’s Village’ was founded after the First World War, and provided shelter to children in South Africa who were orphaned by the war. Today, the children’s village not only serves as a place of refuge, but also offers the children the prospect of education and a future profession. Furthermore, the ‘Epworth Children’s Village’ is also dedicated to providing health care for the children.

Children from the children’s village, as well as children between the ages of 0 and 11 years from the municipality of Epworth who themselves cannot afford any form of medical care, receive ergo-therapeutic treatment at the ‘Epworth Children’s Village’ free of charge.

There is also an ‘Early Learning Support Project’ which supports the children in achieving early success in learning, and establishing a basic level of knowledge up to the completion of the third grade. In doing so, the children may once again experience the joy of learning.

At the care facility ‘Epworth Children’s Village Child and Youth Care Centre’, the focus is not only on the provision of health care for those in need of protection, but also on bringing families together again, and working together to bring them back into the community.

At the ‘Study and Media Centre’ children also receive help with homework and after-school tuition. There are various workgroups which are formed based on the level of knowledge the children and youths have. The centre’s own library provides a place to read books and for children to practice using Excel and Word on computers.