Hilfe für Kinder e.V. Heinsberg

Hilfe für Kinder e.V.Heinsberg was founded in 1996 and supports various projects to improve the lives of children in Romania. Children and youths in welfare homes and children’s hospitals is the focus of this project, including other underprivileged youths, providing them with apprenticeships and vocational training. Less fortunate families are also supported financially through monthly sponsorships.

In the “For help” day care in Timisoara, 35 children from socially disadvantaged and uneducated families are cared for, who would usually be left on their own during the day. The children are provided lunch, receive assistance with their homework and are able to play together, paint and make crafts.

The children’s home, “Casa Sperantei” or House of Hope, in Temesvar, has approximately 15 youths living there. The local church provides the available space and absorbs all other expenses. For the care of the children, the orphanage relies on donations. The children are encouraged to nurture their talents and are educated about social responsibility. A teenage student who lives within, supervises the home at night, as the home has no staff for it. Two other teenage students participate in a learning support project, in the village Bencecu de Jost, on a voluntary basis.

There is also a new social center in Bencecu de Jos, 30 km from Timisoara, which supports nearly 20 families. These families are affected by acute poverty and are often unable to assist with their children’s learning needs. These children, often with learning difficulties, receive assistance with their homework thrice weekly.

In addition, a national home for severely disabled children and youths in Lugoj is supported. This home comprises of 50 moderate to severely mentally disabled adolescents. As these disabled children will have to leave the home when they reach a certain age, they are also groomed and prepared to lead an independent life here.

For more information visit www.hilfe-fuer-kinder.de