Little Lambs – Kindergarten trip to the beach

News from Cape Town

On April 10th our five to six-year old kids enjoyed a sunny day at the beach in Hout Bay. We set off shortly after breakfast. A bus picked up about 70 children from the kindergarten.  Our first stop was the museum of Hout Bay, where we were given a short introduction to the ocean and its inhabitants.  We saw various shells, sand and stones, seaweed, starfish and pictures of different kinds of fish, but also plastic bottles and other rubbish that does not belong in the sea.

After a small snack we took the bus to the beach.  Everyone was so excited!  The children clambered about and explored the rocks and everybody wanted to be the first to find something fascinating.  As soon as someone found a shell, a piece of seaweed or a crab shell, loud shouting erupted, arms and hands flew into the air and faces shone with excitement.  Some children were brave enough to go into the water. Brr, it was freezing cold! Their friends laughed when they saw them hopping around.

After two hours we took the bus back to Little Lambs, where lunch was already waiting for us.  Then the kids fell onto their mattresses and were out like a light, dreaming of the day’s adventure. Many thanks to all our generous sponsors. Without your donations we would not be able to make these trips possible for the children.

A big thank you to all!