Kantha Bopha is a humanitarian aid project in Cambodia that was established in 1991 by Swiss Dr. Beat Richner. It now runs five children’s hospitals which provide free care for disadvantaged children as well as a maternity ward for mothers infected with HIV.

Since 1991, five children’s hospitals have been established where children are provided with the necessary medical care – otherwise unaffordable for impoverished Cambodian families – free of charge.  They also provide preventative health and social care through education, as well as giving safe sex and family planning advice.

Around 3,200 children’s lives are able to be saved every month, thanks to the medical work of Kantha Bopha. In order to extend the appropriate and essential care to even more children, the project is being continually expanded and more hospitals are developed.

The organisations employs over 2,200 Cambodians who receive an adequate salary, such as they wouldn’t normally earn with other organisations. None of the employees have to depend on a second job and they work regular shifts. Kantha Bopha has thus found a way to keep corruption, a far-reaching problem in Cambodia, away from the hospitals. This benefits the efficient and successful medical care of the children.

More information can be found under: www.beat-richner.ch