The inauguration of the Sirisangabo School in Sri Lanka

The Sirisangabo School in Sri Lanka recently opened its doors to celebrate the inauguration of the completion of construction of their new facilities.  In 2015, the construction of the Sirisangabo School, for disabled children, began in the west of Sri Lanka.

The project was initiated and run by a foundation in Sailauf called the Raindrop e.V.

The project started with the construction of sanitary facilities for the school. This was followed by the expansion of a building containing classrooms and in 2017 another floor was added.

The project was supervised by Mrs. Edith Kerber, who was also on site for the inauguration. A total of € 45,000 went into the construction thanks to the generosity of the Hahn Air Foundation. Of these, € 36,000 were spent on construction costs, € 9,000 for furnishings.

The Hahn Air Foundation is proud to have once again made a small contribution to improving the quality of life, especially of disabled children and their families.