The first Hahn Air School is officially open

In cooperation with its long-standing partner, Stiftunglife, the Hahn Air Foundation officially opened its first Hahn Air School located in Sin Thar, Hmwe, in the Bagan region in Myanmar. The opening ceremony, held on 16th January, was attended by many students, staff and villagers from the surrounding areas.

They came to celebrate the result of the project that took a total of 3 months and cost €30,000. Newly built and equipped with bathroom facilities, kitchen and furniture, the school will provide education to 300 local students with the assistance of eight teachers.

Representing the Hahn Air Foundation was Norbert Salcher who delivered a keynote address highlighting education as it is the most important gift in one’s life. “Children should be given equal opportunity to be what they want to be and to achieve this, education is key. With this foundation of knowledge, we can support the future generation to be independent, find employment, earn a living and raise a family.”