Little Stars

We have supported disadvantaged children in Nepal since 1998. Through the running of kindergartens and schools, health stations and the construction of water pipes, toilets and smoke-free stoves, we give support precisely where it is most needed.

Health: Our health programs focus on the construction and operation of health / first aid stations, the construction of smoke-free stoves, the installation of toilets, health education events ranging from children’s hand washing to family planning and obstetrics.

Education: Facilitating education for girls and boys is an effective means of helping people to help themselves and a cornerstone of social and economic development, which is why education is a focal point of our work in Nepal.

We run kindergartens and schools and since 2016 we have also been running a vocational education center. By means of our educational work, we enable disadvantaged children from needy families to attend kindergarten and school.

Water: Little Stars realised early on that clean drinking water is the foundation for a healthy development of children and families in our project villages. Wherever possible, we have connected water to the schools and kindergartens. The new hydrants are always quickly accepted and often also form a center for communication.

We consciously never made the connections available without personal contribution from the villagers. Mostly they dug the trenches, transported material and helped otherwise with work performance. This concept has proved its worth, because only in the project villages where the villagers contributed personally, is the finished water pipe appreciated and maintained accordingly.