Roma Kinderhilfe

The Hahn Air Foundation is going to be working for a better future for Romani children from Selimbar and Turnisor in Romania.  Children should be able to grow up in a safe and well cared for environment. Renate Weber, an employee of Hahn Air Systems, drew the Foundation’s attention to the aid project.

It supports various children’s homes and schools that are used by the Romani and helps with the construction of houses and homes in Turnisor, a Romani settlement. The initiative has already resulted in the construction of six new houses and additional housing for families in need, with more to come soon.

“I learned about the Romani project during a trip through Romania and there is a lack of resources everywhere. The Hahn Air Foundation can make a real difference and fundamentally improve the lives of these children. Therefore, I hope this initiative will receive a lot of donations”, says Renate Weber.