Social Project Znamianka, Ukraine

Since 2012, Straßenkinder e.V. is supporting a partner project in Znamianka, Ukraine. The project based south-east of Kiev was initiated together with the Hahn Air Foundation. Similar to the children facility „Kinderhaus Bolle“ in Berlin, children and young people living in poverty are receiving special care in Znamianka. It comes as no surprise that these people are the ones hit especially hard by the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, the Hahn Air Foundation just released EUR 15,000 in special funds into the project and is encouraging donations. At the same time, Hahn Air is donating EUR 50,000 to the initiative.

The situation in Znamianka

The youth centre in Znamianka became a central contact point for refugees, mostly desperate children and families. Volunteers are caring for those that arrive in Znamianka and drive them with a van to the border which is about 800 km away. Straßenkinder e.V. is now calling for donations to be able to help the refugees on site. In addition, they are in desperate need of one or two more vans to organise evacuation trips.

Extensive support for other social projects in the Ukraine

Eckhard Baumann, founder of the children’s facility „Kinderhaus Bolle“ in Berlin, reports: “We have been supporting the project in Znamianka for many years now. Therefore, we also have established close contact with other social facilities in the Ukraine such as foster homes and cultural centres. Our network partners are very active in supporting families in need with food and medicine and are organising evacuation trips to the borders. They also care for people that are unable or unwilling to flee“. For all these activities, the organisation is in desperate need of donations.

You can place your donation via direct transfer to the Ukraine donation account of the initiative Straßenkinder:

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Transfer purpose: Ukraine emergency support: Hahn Air Foundation