Ipoderac – The way to Happiness

Ipoderac is offering children and young people in Mexico and Central America opportunities for a better life.

Ipoderac has been caring for neglected and homeless children in Mexico and Central America for more than 50 years. Their aim is to prepare young people for life by equipping children aged from 6 to 18 years with education and vocational trainings. Clear structures help them to develop their abilities and skills – a necessity to build and maintain a self-determined life.

Ipoderac`s educational philosophy is based on values such as effort, gratitude and forgiveness. Through the academic training, impactful reading comprehension abilities and mathematical-logical thinking are promoted. These skills and the knowledge will ease the youngsters’ integration into society.

In addition, a special programme has been established to finance the production of more than 30 handmade artisanal products, including goat cheese, goat milk soap, and carpentry items. This programme and the product sale, respectively, creates new jobs and generates financial resources for the housing project. All profit generated is allocated to the social project.

The organization is inviting everybody to join, becoming part of the community and start into a better and happy life.

The Hahn Foundation is supporting the new project with 20.000 €.