Straßenkinder e.V. is accompanying and supporting crises-prone children and young people in Berlin and the Ukraine

“It is so beautiful here!”

In Germany, around 40000 minors are affected by childhood poverty, especially in large cities. Straßenkinder e.V., which was founded in Berlin in 2000, has been officially recognized as a provider of free youth assistance. They opened their “Kinder- und Jugendhaus Bolle” in 2010. Since then, up to 100 children per day are being taken care of with coordinated leisure and educational offers. The aim is to actively combat childhood poverty, to ultimately prevent as many young people as possible from becoming homeless adults.

Instead, children and young adults should be enabled and empowered to live an independent life, where they overcome poverty and have the resources to participate in social and cultural activities.

42 employees, volunteers and honorary staff are taking care of the kids with great commitment. Eckard Baumann, founder and chairman of “Straßenkinder e.V., has been awarded with the “Cross of merit on the Bands” for his tireless dedication in 2010. The Hahnair Foundation is happily supporting Straßenkinder e.V’s programme and will be donating 25.000 Euro in 2024.

The war in Ukraine has destroyed hundreds of thousands of childhoods. Therefore, the association has – besides its commitment for children in Germany- also been focusing on helping the children in Ukraine since 2023.

“Success in life – success in learning” – this phrase was written in a primary school – before it had been destroyed. And this is exactly what the war has taken away from children and young people, like Baumann stated. Interaction with peers and social participation are badly missed. That is why “Ukraine Kids Club and Emergency Aid ” are keen on establishing meeting points and shelters.

The Hahnair Foundation is supporting the development/maintenance of the children’s center in Znamyanka (central Ukraine) with 20.000 Euro. Here, the young people and children are getting formal education as well as extra-curricular activities, such as games and special support in coping with trauma. To be able to offer more help and assistance on a broader scope, additional centers have been opened in Poltava, Kharkiv, Zapoizhzhia, Dnipro and Odessa.

Eckard Baumann himself is travelling to Ukraine three to four times a year to mentor and support the local staff. “The people here are really cool, and the atmosphere is great”, a woman stated, and a boy, after visiting one of the centers, gushed: “It is so beautiful here”.