Boarding School Pater Albert Pouget

For almost 10 years, the boarding school “Pater Albert Pouget” has enabled children in the remote village of Pallo in Senegal to attend school in the village community of Mont Rolland.

If it weren’t for the boarding school, the children would have to undertake a long walk over several kilometres every day, in order to reach the school from their home village. Whether Christian or Muslim, boy or girl – over 50 pupils are currently able to visit the primary school and the grammar school in Mont Rolland thanks to the project and have the opportunity to receive a qualified school education.

The boarding school is financed through the contributions made by parents and, in particular, through sponsorships. In addition to the general costs of catering, the boarding school also requires financial support for repair and maintenance work to the building, as well as the repair of school desks and benches.

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