Strahlemann Talent Company

The Strahlemann Foundation are convinced that education is the key to a self-determining, independent life with attractive opportunities for the future. Fortunately. Every child should be given the same opportunities in education to be able to shape his or her own life in an individual and independent way. In order to be able to offer these opportunities, they manage and support educational projects both in Germany and worldwide. They help on a long-term and sustainable basis. The focus is on children and young people who need our help and recognition. This applies to our education project Talent Company, which we are implementing at more and more German schools, as well as to education projects from Haiti to India. They are a charitable foundation and their projects are supported by companies, foundations and private supporters. In order to help young people in Germany master the often difficult transition from school to working life, we have developed the unique Talent Company concept, which brings together and assists students, schools and companies. The students are mentored, supported and introduced to companies during the process of career orientation.

In order to strengthen vocational training in Germany, the Talent Company works with students of all ages. The fact that vocational orientation is firmly anchored in everyday school life enables young people to transition more easily from school to employment and to better integrate into the labor market.