Cactus (MX)

Cactus supports a poverty-oriented project in Mexico, which primarily promotes education and training in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Their motto is “Helping people to help themselves”.

Gerhard Kruip, the founder of Cactus , is originally from Germany. He came into direct contact with the project in the early 80s, when the foundation commenced its activities, which included literacy programmes and the creation of a self-organisation of the slum dwellers from Mexico City.

In addition, the initiative built a social centre with a kindergarten, a cooperative shop and a small library. Over the years, Cactus was able to implement many other projects supporting disadvantaged sections of the population due to the active support of volunteers.

Then, the focus shifted to Ocotlán in Oaxaca, one of the 31 states in Mexico. In the small town, inhabited mainly by “Indígenas“, credit unions and kindergartens were built, and an ecological project improving the water supply was facilitated.

The already initiated projects, as well as the establishment of further kindergartens in Oaxaca and the surrounding area, are to be financed by the donations.

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