Current Projects

The projects supported by us are hand-picked. The objective is to support organisations which are managed by socially committed individuals with philanthropic intentions. In doing so, we ensure that the money flows directly to those who need it.

Key focal points in the selection of our projects are, above all, improvements in education which are to help those affected find a way out of the vicious circle of poverty and social decline. Furthermore, we support issues including health, essential infrastructure, as well as microcredit organisations, the latter of which is particularly for women.

For us, sustainability plays a central role. For this reason, we support projects over a time frame of a minimum of three years.

We have decided against donating to a large organisation as, in the majority of cases, a significant level of administrative expense has to be paid, before the donations reach those in need of help. By contrast, small units thrive on the voluntary work of committed individuals that view the projects as their life’s work, or who support these projects in their free time.

We do not support private individuals or purely religious organisations, but we do provide support to projects which have been initiated, and which are co-financed by churches or religious communities.

We know all the organisations and projects personally that are promoted by us, whether that be through direct contacts or through recommendations by business partners and friends. Contacts have been forged through our many years of travel, as well as through the global activities of Hahnair. We examine the sincerity and adherence to our guidelines on an annual basis, enabling us to determine which projects are to be supported with which amounts in the following year.

We also gladly count on the skills and experience of the Rheindorf Stiftungsmanagement gGmbH.

Completed Projects