Hahn Air Foundation inaugurates school in Myanmar for 228 children

Last Thursday, Nico Gormsen, General Manager of Hahn Air, inaugurated the Hahn Air School in Myanmar on behalf of the Hahn Air Foundation. The festive ceremony was attended by almost 500 citizens of the village of Tha Pyay Tan, including the 228 children aged between six and ten who will learn and study in the five new classrooms. It took about four months to complete the construction of the school building. The cost of approximately EUR 30,000 were covered by the Hahn Air Foundation, a non-profit charity organisation founded by the Hahn Air owners, Hans Nolte and Nico Gormsen, in 2012. To show their commitment to the project, the citizens of the village contributed EUR 6,000, a sum that will be put towards for future expenditures, such as repairs and maintenance work.

Tha Pyay Tan Village has 1,300 citizens and is located in a secluded area of the Irrawady Delta region, about 90 kilometres from the city Yangon. The school premises include not only the spacious classrooms but also restroom facilities and housing for the teachers. “The school is an important step for the entire community”, said Thin Nwe Aung, the major of the village and father of five children who will receive an education at the Hahn Air School. “Before, three teachers were parallelly teaching three classes in one big room. For the kids, it was difficult to focus, and it was almost impossible for the teachers to hold age-appropriate lessons. By receiving a dedicated education, the children will gain a better future for themselves and for the entire village.”

The Hahn Air School in Tha Pyay Tan is already the second school opened by the foundation in Myanmar. Hahn Air School I opened its doors in the Bagan Region in 2018 and provides room for more than 300 students. “The Hahn Air Foundation is a cause very close to my heart”, says Nico Gormsen. “Running a successful company, we’ve always felt that it was our obligation to give something back to society and to the less fortunate. We maintain personal ties to all of our projects, visit them on a regular basis and are in touch with the volunteers and professionals on site. Attending this ceremony today and being welcomed by the citizens with this kind of enthusiasm is indescribable. It shows how important projects like these are for the local communities. We are definitely planning to create more schools like this in Myanmar and other regions.”

More information about the Hahn Air Foundation and the 18 projects it is currently supporting worldwide are available at www.hahnairfoundation.org