Hahn Air School 1

The Hahn Air Foundation to build school and bring education to children in Myanmar

School Report – January 2021

Hahn Air School the branch middle school. It has no chance to open in this educational year. But since yesterday we received 1.5 million Covid-shield vaccines from India.

So we hope our school can start soon again. But until now there is no news about it. The number of infected patients in Myanmar has become lower. But there is still some infection. So we still live with care. All the children stayed mostly at home.

And the village has a normal harvest and they grow peanuts, sesames. Our PAUL water filter is still in good shape and All the solar lamps are working well. So in this village we have our school building, a PAUL water filter and the solar lamps. So it is our three-stars village.

The Hahn Air Foundation announced that it will build the first ever Hahn Air School in Myanmar in cooperation with one of its long standing partners, Stiftunglife. The school will be called the Hahn Air School 1 with the possibility of more schools to be built in the future.

Located in Sin Thar Mwe in the Bagan region, construction of the school is expected to start at the beginning on 2018 and will take approximately three to five months. The school will cater to 300 students from the local community with the assistance of eight teachers.

To further support the construction of the school, the inhabitants from the surrounding areas collected a sum of 600,000 Kyat (€ 345). Given the economic conditions there, this is really a significant contribution from the inhabitants.