Hahn Air School 2

For most young kids, the new school year may not sound like something to look forward to. However, the children at the Hahn Air School 2 could not be more excited to kick off the new year, as the construction of the Hahn Air Foundation’s second school has recently been completed.

The campus, located in Tha Pyay Tan Village, Kyite Lat Township, Delta Region, Myanmar, caters to approximately 250 students from the surrounding areas. Aged between five and 15, the children will receive a well-rounded education that builds a solid foundation for their future. The school offers a conducive environment with modern facilities to ensure high quality teaching and learning experience. The new building was constructed in a way that allows for the main room to be divided into four rooms. In a similar fashion, the corresponding school building can be divided into three rooms. Moreover, there is better housing for the teachers, and the existing toilets have been renovated.

The school cost €30,000 to build and was completed in three and half months. The villagers contributed €6,000 and this money was put into a savings account for future expenditures, such as repairs etc.