Macodep e.V. – Creating a social centre in West-Kenya

Macodep is short for Makina Community Development Project. Behind this name is a Kenyan non-profit organization which supports various projects in West Kenya, more precisely in Got Osimbo. Got Osimbo is a region close to Victoria Lake.

The organization is developing a social centre for the entire region on several acres of land. It will encompass an elementary school for 450 students, a foster home, a hospital and a pharmacy. The project is supported by the local authorities and is very important for the entire region.

In Germany, the non-profit organisation MACODEP e.V. based in Frankfurt am Main, is supporting the initiative since 2018. The Hahn Air foundation integrated Macodep into its portfolio of social projects in 2022. The initiative receives 100% of all donations while the Hahn Air Foundation covers all administration costs. Pease support this project and make a difference.