News: Swimming Doctors

The situation in Myanmar remains dire due to the pandemic, violence and hunger. The number of infected people is high and the number of unreported cases is even higher. The clinics are in a terrible state: there is a lack of oxygen, medicine and vaccine. The vaccination campaign is slow, to say the least. Only 6.8% of Myanmar’s 54.8 million people are currently fully vaccinated. This also has to do with the tense political situation. On August 1st, the military junta extended the state of emergency until 2023.

The economic situation is also dire. According to the UN World Food Programme, 20 million people already live in poverty. 80% of households lost up to half of their income in the pandemic. The economy continues to shrink; schools and universities are still closed, public life and infrastructure are severely impaired. The Swimming Doctors move within this framework and try to help as best they can. Unlike other NGOs, they stayed in the country. Their Burmese employees do everything to keep the projects going as much as possible.

The ship Futura set off on its 55th mission 5 years after the ship was christened. Over 2,000 patients were on board in September. This proves the need and acceptance of their service in the nine villages in the delta. The Swimming Doctors depend on your donations and thank you very much for your support.