News – Kinderhilfe Siebenbürgen e.V.

“I am glad I never lost my courage to dream” 

During a trip to Romania in 2007, Jenny Rasche detected a Roma slum – she had never seen such a poverty before. Especially the children’s situation in Sibiu was precarious – they were living in earthholes, ruins, and tin huts, abandoned, being victims of violence and sexual abuse. Unsurprisingly, the mortality rate among infants was extremely high; many children were way behind their expected development status, and lots of kids were sick.

Back at home, Jenny founded “Rumänien Kinderhilfe Siebenbürgen e.V.” and started collecting money, and other donations on these children’s behalf.  Finally, she decided to move her family to Romania.

What she has been doing is very impressive: She has been providing the families with food and clothes – as long as they obey one prerequisite – as education is the key to a better life: “There will be food for everyone as long as your children go to school instead of begging!”

“My whole live I have been focusing on the children here, they are as important as my own children”, Jenny said.

Additionally, she built a children’s home to take care of children whose parents cannot. In 2011, she established a children daycare center, and opened a class for illiterate children including a day care for those attending the class. In 2015, the first Roma pupils graduated from school! Not only have they learned to read and write, but they understand the need to organize themselves and to increase the overall circumstances in the neighborhood. Hence, these young people are now sharing their knowledge with their families and neighbors, are cleaning the neighborhood, building electrified new homes with freshwater supply and access to canalization systems. Nowadays, the kids of Sibiu are attending school regularly, graduating, and working in various professions.

In addition, Jenny and her team are taking care for about 400 Roma-families and, together with some gynecologists, are trying to counteract the wealth of children by educating them. Besides, Jenny Rasche managed to graduate her Studies of Social Work and Theology at the university of Siblu with honors!

For her outstanding commitment, The EU honored Jenny Rasche as “Woman of the Year 21” – this granted her recognition, but unfortunately no financial support.

During his visit in 2023, Norbert Salcher representing Hahn Air Foundation could whiteness the tremendous improvements the slum has undergone. The children’s home has been moved into seven newly-built facilities in Sibius, giving about 60 kids a home; all of them have been sent to the Kinderhilfe e.V.’s child care center by the local youth office. Altogether, 27 female social workers are part of the team. Tabita, Jenny’s “right-hand” in Romania since the beginning, became an integral part of the organization.

The Hahn’s financial aids are needed and highly appreciated. Kitchenettes for all seven houses could have been installed thanks to Hahn’s efforts.

There is a documentary about the project on TV “Jenny und die Roma-Kinder”: