Cactus in times of Covid-19

The Mexican economy is severely affected by the pandemic, and the poverty rate increased significantly. Due to the lockdown measures, many children could not visit the Cactus kindergarten but the Cactus team got creative and now offer tasks that the kids can do at home. They also support the parents with advice and answer their questions via chat, SMS or phone calls. In addition, the Cactus teacher are making the most of their time and educated themselves by participating in weekly online conferences.They expand their knowledge in various areas for example health, nutrition, and educational concepts.

During the lockdown, mandatory repair work will be done at the kindergarten. For example, roof tiles need to be exchanged which have been broken by the 7.5 strong earthquake in June 2020. Luckily, the construction work of the second kindergarten in San Antonio was spared from the earthquake and is processing very well.