Little Stars during the COVID-pandemic

During Nepal’s lockdown two thirds of the lessons were cancelled. However, the organization was able to arrange additional tutoring for the children. The classes are held in six different schools where the children can catch up on their missed lessons. In the daily two-hour sessions, the children will be prepared for their graduation in April with a focus on the major subjects math and English. Furthermore, the hygienic standards are respected in all classes, especially the use of face masks and disinfectant.

In February, all health employees were very happy to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. They can now work with less stress as they don’t have to worry about a possible infection. Additionally, Little Stars arranged so called “soap trainings” to minimize infections. A group of women was shown how to produce different kinds of soap to increase the hygienic measures.

Because of additional donations in winter 2020, 270 children could receive a warm sweat suit and trainers. Mandatory maintenance work was also executed at the Mahalaxmischool in Okharpauwa where doors and floors will be repaired and class rooms redecorated.