Swimming Doctors during the pandemic

The first effects of Myanmar’s lockdown measures are showing as the number of new COVID-19 cases is slowly decreasing. Like in many other countries, the universities and schools are closed and travel restrictions apply. Those wanting to cross the border have to forego a mandatory 14 day quarantine. This is a big problem for the Swimming Doctors’ crew. In 2020, four missions have been cancelled because of COVID-19, nevertheless the doctors could still treat 10,400 medical patients and 1,800 dental patients.

Currently, Dr. Nay is the responsible doctor, who deals with the logistic and hygienic challenges during the pandemic. Thanks to donations, he has enough supplies, for example masks and cloves, to handle all medical treatments. The crew is very grateful for all contributions which can help them to treat the locals during this difficult time. For 2021 and 2022, the aid organisation wants to enlarge their cooperation with and assistance for the hospital in Pyapon. In addition, their goal is to support Burmese medical students during their education. Aung Min Oo will be the first doctor to start in the new students’ programme from March onwards. He will be the third doctor on board with a junior doctor status.