Windsurfing at the Grömitz-Youth-Camp 2023

Wind, Summer, Sports and Community

Wind in the sail, sunshine on the face and switching off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – that was top priority in the Grömitz Youth Camp, supported by 10.000 Euro from Hahn Air Foundation, and organized by  Jugenderholungswerk Hamburg e.V. (JEW), a carrier of the children and youth welfare service organization. Since 1985, they are in charge of organizing Holiday trips for kids from 8 to 15 years from families with very low budgets or in need for support in any way.

In summer 2023, 14 boys and 16 girls from 13 to 15 years were travelling under supervision of six adults to spending their holidays at the Grömitz Surf Camp, just a few steps behind the Baltic Sea dunes. The kids have been trying out various sports activities, including windsurfing.

These free-time activities should enable the kids to gaining positive experiences outside their normal lives in just playing, having fun, being adventurous, enjoying sports, and the community with others. For most children, it is a new experience being surrounded by nature instead of the city jungle.

First of all, the kids were putting themselves into the group attending the sport activity they like the most. During the 14 days, the focus lied on windsurfing, and everybody got the chance to get the windsurfing license – an offer, most kids happily accepted.

Stand-up-paddle boarding as well as volleyball und soccer have been very popular during vacation. The kids also loved playing games, sitting at the camp fireplace on the beach and visiting the nearby Hansa-Park.

The cross between sports activities, gaming und excursions catched on very well and was strengthening the kid’s sense of belonging together.

Beeing asked, if they would like to attend a camp like this in future, the young participents answered unanimous: “Yes, because it’s a chance to get out of your familiar surroundings” and “ I think its great, you can make new friends there”.