Our Friends

“After not only encountering highs but also lows in my life, my view of what is happening around me has broadened and changed greatly. I see how well I am doing and how privileged I am, and how many people there are in this world who endure great suffering. I have developed a deep desire to help others find a little more happiness and peace.

I have complete faith in the Hahn Air Foundation and found a great opportunity to share a matter that is close to my heart with the world, and that makes me happy. I know that the organization will donate every euro straight to the respective projects without deducting any administration fees. I would like to express my great appreciation to the founders of the Hahn Air Foundation. Thank you.”

Simone Beuerle  has been a ‘Friend’ of the Hahn Air Foundation since May 2019.

Simone Beuerle 

“Participation in community programs is not necessarily my thing, but there is an exception to every rule.

I have deliberately decided to endorse this committed circle of friends, because I like the people who stand behind the Hahn Air Foundation, and the way in which this foundation is managed.”

Jürgen Gessner has been a ‘Friend’ of the Hahn Air Foundation since December 2015.

Jürgen Gessner

“In terms of commitment to social project work, I find it particularly important that there is a sufficient level of personal contact with the projects. I am committed as a ‘Friend’ of the Hahn Air Foundation, because there we have a direct line of contact to every individual initiative.

The foundation works closely with the staff on location, stays up-to-date with the progress made and guides various measures in a targeted way. Moreover, it is important to me that administration and bureaucracy are not supported by the donors, allowing every cent to reach the projects.

The efforts for the Himalayan International Residential School in Siliguri, India are particularly close to my heart, where children in Siliguri in India are able to undertake a qualified apprenticeship thanks to scholarships.”

Eric Beuerle de Castro has been a ‘Friend’ of the Hahn Air Foundation since July 2015.

Eric Beuerle de Castro
Owner of the gallery Artspace-Frankfurt | Kunstraum-Dreieich

“During a holiday in Brazil in 2005, I became aware of the plight of the children in Poco Branco and since then I have wanted to help them as much as I can. Together with Vali da Silva Cruz I started the project Capodanca. The aid initiative offers street children a place of refuge and access to education and health services. The dance sport Capoeira serves as a connecting element through which the children experience team spirit, social integration and community.

The Hahn Air Foundation has been supporting us for years. You can achieve so much with personal dedication and I am grateful that the Hahn Air Foundation takes over the administrative processes for us and provides the bureaucratic framework. I especially appreciate its full transparency. In a transparent account, the Foundation discloses all monetary transactions. This allows donors to see that one hundred percent of their donations go directly to the project.”

Dr. Frank Freytag has been a Friend of the Hahn Air Foundation since 2012.

Dr. Frank Freytag
Lung specialist with a doctor’s office and research facility in Neu-Isenburg
Photographer and Artist